Remembrance Sunday 2016

Community pulls together for a fitting tribute to the fallen at this year’s Remembrance Sunday
Remembrance Sunday in Bishop Auckland Market Place

As the custodians of Remembrance, each year the Royal British Legion calls on the nation to unite in commemorating Remembrance Sunday.

The Cenotaph Service at St Anne’s Church in the Market Place is organised annually by Bishop Auckland Town Council, in partnership with Mr Peter Franklin from The Royal British Legion guiding and lending much valued support with the wreath laying order and organisation, which follows a strict protocol.

This year (13th November 2016) it was all change for the Town, there were three new standard bearers from the DLI, Royal British Legion and 2505 Air Cadets, as well as a new Padre, Reverend Stephen Ridley who led the service from St Anne’s Church, all of whom performed their duties perfectly on Sunday.

At the beginning of the year, a call for help was launched by the local Royal British Legion office for valuable assistance with this year’s poppy appeal, and thankfully that call was answered by Ann Williams-Maughan, Valerie Armstrong and Andrea Nicol.  The ladies, who are from ‘The Experience’ Kynren team, also called on their fellow team members to help out as a way of keeping the Kynren team spirit going over the closed season.

In Sunday’s bright sunshine the names carved on the war memorial gleamed as wreaths were laid not only by the town’s dignitaries, associations and organisations, including the armed forces, but also by younger members of the community, including the Scouts, Bishop Trains and Stockton and Darlington Railway Youth team.

Deputy Mayor Councillor David Fleming said:
“It was another fantastic turnout by the people of Bishop Auckland which is growing in numbers every year.”

“Our town has come together to remember those who gave their lives for our country. It’s also marvelous to see so many young people here too.”

“I would like to say a special thank you to everyone involved who made the Act of Remembrance possible this year, particularly Mr Peter Franklin, members from the 2505 Air Cadets, Revered Stephen Ridley, Parade Marshall Daniel Barron and also thanks and much appreciation to Bishop Auckland College, who designed and made a fantastic wooden frame which is situated around the cenotaph, this has enabled us to fix wreaths, crosses and poppies to the structure so that they don’t blow away, and keep the monument looking presentable.”