Vacancy for Councillor of the Henknowle Ward (Co-option)

Recently there has been two vacancies for Town Councillors in the Henknowle Ward, one vacancy was contested and therefore a By-election was held on at the end of July 2022, with a new Councillor being elected.  The other vacancy was uncontested, therefore the vacancy remains and must be filled by co-option.

The Town Council is the first-tier local government, and meets every 6 weeks on a Tuesday, usually at the Town Council Office.  The Council has responsibility for Allotment services within the Town as well as arranging key events including the likes of the Jubilee Celebrations and Remembrance Sunday Parade.

To be eligible for co-option:

1.  You need to be a British Citizen, a Commonwealth Citizen, or a citizen of a Member State of the European Community and aged 18 years or over.
2.  Be an elector of the parish, or
3.  Have occupied as owner or tenant, land, or other premises within the parish during the whole of the last 12 months or lived within 4.8Km (3 miles) of the parish boundary, or
4.  During the same 12month period had their principal or only place of work in the parish.
5.  The person should not be disqualified from being elected by reason of disqualification as set out in Section 80 of the Local Government Act 1972, or any decision made under Section 79 of the Local Government Act 2000.

If you are interested in being considered for co-option to this ward vacancy you need to write to the Town Clerk, with a brief resume outlining why you are interested for the role, and outline any relevant skills and experience you may have.  Applications can be submitted to council@bishopauckland-tc.gov.uk or via post to Town Clerk, Bishop Auckland Town Council, 54 Kingsway, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7JF by 15th September 2022.

Those looking to be considered will be invited to the Council Meeting on the 18th October 2022 where candidates will be asked to make a short presentation to existing Members, on how they can contribute to the Town Council.

Dated: 16th August 2022