Consultation: Bishop Auckland Bus Station and Car Parking

ConsultationsDurham County Council (DCC) are wanting your views on proposed designs for a new bus station and car park in Bishop Auckland on the current bus station site.  DCC also want your views on the existing Newgate Centre multi-storey car park and how it could be improved in the future.

The closing date for comments is 5:00pm on Thursday 15th June 2023.

Link: https://www.durham.gov.uk/article/29072/Consultation-on-Bishop-Auckland-bus-station-and-car-parking


Town Council Response 15/06/2023

Your Ref: DM/23/01344/FPA

Whilst the Town Council is in support of investment and development within Bishop Auckland, in
line with National Planning Policy statements, such as:
• NPPF Part 6 Building a Strong, Competitive Economy
• NPPF Part 7 Ensuring the vitality of town centres
• NPPF Part 9 Promoting Sustainable Transport

County Durham Plan Policies such as:
• Policy 9 – Retail Hierarchy and Town Centre Development
• Policy 21 Delivering Sustainable Transport
• Policy 31 Amenity and Pollution

However, Council Members do have some concerns regarding the application, in relation to
• Additional vehicles that the surface level car park will accommodate, and the associated
noise to neighbouring residents, and the impact of the pollution which this may bring.
• The impact of those on Tenters Street – as the buses will access the bus station from
Tenters Street rather than as they do now via the roundabout next to Sadler House. This
could cause significant congestion on the A689, as there has been no proposals for a
roundabout or improvement works to the junction.
• The application also does not include any proposed improvements to pedestrian access to
Fore Bondgate and Finkle Street, at the bottom of Clayton Street.
• Another key concern is that despite the proposals for an improved bus station, bus
operators have again announced more cuts to public bus services, which significantly
impacts the footfall of the town, and the access which residents have to amenities
available. Is this something which Durham County Council is looking to address with

Therefore, the Council wishes for the authority to consider the concerns raised and confirm to the
council how it plans to mitigate the concerns raised.

DM-23-01344-FPA – Bus Station Application, Town Council Response 15/06/2023 PDF