Presentation: What’s Next – Bishop Auckland Regeneration, 16th January 2023

Decision Making

As discussed at the Full Public Meeting held on Monday 16th January 2023 in Bishop Auckland Town Hall, the Town Council has received a copy of the Presentation slides shown on the evening and are now available to download in PDF format.

These presentation slides have been provided for information purposes only and staff members are unable to expand or clarify on this information, or comment on individual projects.

PDF: Bishop Auckland Regeneration Meeting, Full Presentation PDF

Accessibility disclaimer: This document is a PDF conversion of a Microsoft PowerPoint received from Durham County Council, as an external source.  Therefore this document is presented as received and may not meet Accessibility standards. Its contents has been made publicly available for information purposes only.

Further information and progress on individual projects and the latest issue of the Newsletter will be published on the Bishop Auckland Regeneration website.

Link: www.bishopaucklandregeneration.com